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Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2


Street Fighter 2 is a fun classic fighting game that uses a combination of hadoukens and shoryukens in the battle to defeat Ryu's Sagat. This is a 1-on-1 fighting game, players will participate in a duel with opponents to find the strongest.

The goal of Street Fighter 2 is to deplete the enemy's health and stamina before you exhaust yourself. In the rare case when both of you die at the same time or have the same amount of health left, there will be extra time. There will be a total of 10 extra innings if the two sides are equally talented, unable to decide whether to win or lose. The game will end as soon as the winning side is completely tilted to one side. Try your best!

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How To Play

  • To start the game, choose "Play Game."
  • Play with mouse and computer keyboard.
  • Turn on full screen to get the best experience.

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