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Squid Survival

Squid Survival

Squid Survival

Squid Survival


Squid Survival is a popular survival game genre in which players will try to overcome different death games to survive and win huge prizes.The rule of this game is to move when the light is green and stop when the light is red. While moving, there will be a statue standing on the side of the road and watching you, you have to make sure this person can't see you when moving. Otherwise, you will be shot dead instantly.

Besides, there are many other squid games on our website. Let to drop by and try it out now!

How To Play

  • Stop when you meet a red light and a green light, you can move.
  • Dalgona Challenge: Break the candies to form different shapes, such as stars, umbrellas, circles, and more.
  • Tug of war: Use your strength to win the remaining teams. Remember that only 50% of people will survive this game
  • Granite: The marble hits the right hole, not letting the opponent win the game
  • Crystal Stone: Choose the right crystal stone, so that your destiny does not end unfortunately

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