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Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike


Siberian Strike is a series of top-down shooter video games whose objective is to destroy Stalin-Bot, who owns vodka production company Stalinka Corp. This vodka company specializes in the production of genetically modified vodka that completely destroys the will of those who drink it.

Siberian Strike is developed and published by Gameloft. The games in the series are usually a modern take on the old "shoot 'em up" genre, but their settings are an alternative world just after WWII has ended. In this game, you fly into Siberian territory to take on the evil Soviet forces.

Siberian Strike is a top-down shooter with a vertical scrolling perspective, similar to Capcom's 1942 series. While firing all of his guns and picking up power-ups dropped by defeated foes, the player pilots his jet around the screen to avoid incoming fire. Bosses may be found at the end of most stages.

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How To Play

  • Click on the plane and hold the mouse to control the movement
  • Shoot down enemy planes and dodge their bullets.
  • Defeat bosses to complete level-based missions.

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