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Shooter Craft

Shooter Craft

Shooter Craft

Shooter Craft


Shooter Craft is a popular shooting game with craft-style characters whose mission is to rescue hostages and destroy enemies.

At the beginning of the game, you will parachute from above to a remote island to fight in a vast crafting world, surrounded by many dangers lurking. What you need to do is find the prison built here, shoot and destroy the enemy, you will have to pass through the gates to reach different floors. A specially designed prison built on a unique crafting world where hostages are held by criminals on the top floor. Be the fighting hero to rescue hostages with powerful enemies. You must try to survive until the last moment to win the game.

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse or touch the screen to start playing
  • Hold and move the virtual key to shoot and kill enemies, and dodge enemy bullets.
  • Collect coins to upgrade guns and increase survivability in the face of the strongest enemie

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