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Royal Siege

Royal Siege

Royal Siege

Royal Siege


Royal Siege is an addictive shooter in which the player must defend his castle, using a variety of defenses and upgrades to stop the enemies. Enemies are a variety of enormous forms, and they will attack in packs. You must eliminate them before they reach the fortress.

To win in the Royal Siege, you have to go through many different stages and challenges. Your bow is standard in the initial stage, but as you advance in stages, you may improve it with fire, ice, or thunder. Your weapon will be stronger in the second level, allowing you to defeat the large opponents. After winning, don't forget to gather your coins since you may use them to purchase several benefits for the subsequent stages. With engaging gameplay mechanics and stunning graphics, Royal Siege is sure to satisfy players from the very beginning. Let's play now!

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How To Play

    • To begin playing, click "Play Game."
    • Use mouse to play.

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