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Pet Connect

Pet Connect

Pet Connect

Pet Connect


Pet Connect with images of cute animals will definitely be a puzzle game that will bring you a lot of fun. Search for similar images and delete them.

One important thing is that Pet Connect has a time limit. Notice the time bar at the top of the screen, it is decreasing. You need to be quick, quick to find them. Of course, it is not an easy thing when animals such as cats, puppies, pandas, seals and other lovely creatures are arranged in a way that makes you easily dizzy and difficult to distinguish. You need to adapt and get used to them. Try to find pairs of images that are similar and can be connected by a drawing line to erase them all before time runs out. Play now!

Besides, on our website there are many other match games. You can refer to some other games like SmileyWorld Match that also have a similar way to play this game. Let's drop by and try it now!

How To Play

  • Click "Play Game" to start playing.
  • Look for animals that are alike and can be connected by a drawn line.

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