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Moto X3M

Moto X3M

Moto X3M


Moto X3M is a fantastic fast-paced racing game with 25 levels that guarantees to test your skills in exciting and unique ways.

Moto X3M uses a continuously changing, but reasonably fast, movement effect to let gamers explore different landscapes without feeling too dizzy. Enjoy the race as much as possible and run as fast as you can to the finish line.

Besides, on our website there are many other racing games. You can refer to some other games like Crazy Football War that also have a similar way to play this game. Let's drop by and try it now!

How To Play

  • The game may be launched by clicking the "play" button.
  • Use the arrow keys or the "W," "S," "A," and "D" keys to go forward, backward, left, and right on the keyboard.
  • Any time the mouse is moved to the left or right, the character and the screen will follow suit.
  • Left-click and drag to move left and right.
  • Speed up your actions by pressing several keys at once.

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