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Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars


Metal Black Wars is a fun, exciting action game with the task of destroying all enemies and collecting bonuses for yourself. You will land from a helicopter, infiltrate the enemy base and attack by surprise so that they cannot resist and fall at your feet. On the way to battle, do not forget to collect valuable items and gold coins to strengthen yourself and buy new weapons.

Metal Black Wars will definitely not let you down with its great experience and sharp graphics. Turn the volume up really loud to feel the effect and have great moments while playing the game. Moreover, this will also be a great game for you to play with friends and family in your spare time. Invite your friends to play this game right now!

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How To Play

  • Click or tap the screen to start playing
  • Use a combination of both the mouse and the keyboard when playing with a computer for faster gameplay
  • Move by swiping left and right on the phone screen

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