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Kill The Zombies

Kill The Zombies

Kill The Zombies

Kill The Zombies


Kill The Zombies is a four-player horror survival shooter that portrays a fragile world on the point of collapse in a breathtaking way. Darkness all around and creeping zombie creatures moving slowly from every direction.  You must fight to exterminate several types of horrifying zombies in a quest for existence. You must also figure out how they came to be and what led to their birth. You have been given one task as the resistance soldier: to kill every single one of them.

You have a selection of 30 different weapons in your armory when assigned the task of shooting and destroying. The decisions you make as a resilient shooter are completely up to you as you struggle to survive the horrifying waves of zombies approaching from every angle. In the gunfight, are you not dealing enough damage? You can fix that by switching your weapon. You'll learn how to make adjustments and employ techniques to navigate your way through each increasingly challenging stage as you use your strategies to advance.

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How To Play

  • Use 30 types of assault weapons such as pistols, sniper rifles, submachine guns, assault rifles... in the most appropriate and effective way.
  • Use computer mouse and keyboard.
  • Dodge the attack and survive until the last round.

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