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Idle Survival

Idle Survival

Idle Survival

Idle Survival


Idle Survival is an interesting survival game on an island, where you will have to forage, build houses, collect and craft the necessary things for life. Your mission is to collect wood, go fishing and try to live the life of a man who has gone to a deserted island. Your only goal is to survive on this island as long as you can.

Idle Survival uses an eye-catching graphic design and configuration, combined with vivid sound to give you the most realistic space possible. You will be immersed in the living space in the game and will have interesting experiences with friends when playing this game.

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How To Play

  • Touch the Upgrade button: upgrade buildings to increase the labor productivity of islanders
  • Press the blue Skins button in City Hall: buy more skins for residents
  • Worktable: buy new buildings on the island with wood or diamonds
  • Islands: build boats to go to other larger islands, more abundant resources.
  • Shop: recharge to buy diamonds for the purpose of upgrading the island
  • Research: researching new technologies to improve labor productivity of islanders

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