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Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump


Geometry Jump is a popular distance game with the task of going through levels with countless obstacles displayed as shapes. Triangular spikes, square blocks, and even puddles of liquid act as these obstacles.

In Geometry Jump, you will have to do two things to win. It's jumping and setting flags as you pass the level. If you hit a block, you will start the level all over again unless you set the flag before you die. The flag acts as a checkpoint from which you can reappear. You only have ten flags to use in a game, so use them carefully. Besides, in more difficult levels, your jump time is just right so that you don't encounter any annoying obstacles. Try to run to the finish line as fast as you can.

Geometry Jump with its simple 2D isometric image, artistic design, and simple gameplay, has quickly reached the audience regardless of male or female, from young children to the elderly. Sound effects are also a plus in the game. Wear a headset to enjoy the joyful sound and vivid virtual space in the game.

Besides, on our website there are many other fun games. You can refer to some other games like Hide and Seek that also have a similar way to play this game. Let's drop by and try it now!

How To Play

  • Click mouse to start playing.
  • Press spacebar or click to jump
  • Avoid all the obstacles

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