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Count Master 3D

Count Master 3D

Count Master 3D

Count Master 3D


Count Master 3D is a fun arcade game where the player takes the role of the boss of a mob of stickmen and leads them to battle other mobs.

Count Master 3D will start with capturing some castles. Unite your team to grow stronger by fighting other mobs with fewer people than you. At that time, the number of people in your group will increase. Do not be foolish to rush into battle with an army that is larger than you. You will lose everything if you do not run away in time. Become a wise leader with an ever-growing crowd and make your way through this crowded city. Beat every mob of different colors, collect coins and upgrade your level. Play now!

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How To Play

  • To begin playing, click "Play Game."
  • Use mouse to play.

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