Command Strike FPS

Command Strike FPS

Command Strike FPS is a classic army shooting game where players will participate in a real commando mission and explore different maps and game modes. Here the classic features of the fps genre are fully converged.

Players in Command Strike FPS will be fully equipped with weapons such as pistols, grenades, all you need to assist in killing enemies and conquering the area. Besides, you will be able to use many different maps for offline battles such as Deathmatch, Flag capture, Missions.

With extremely simple shooting and moving controls, players can master the operation after only 1-2 plays. The action gameplay in Command Strike FPS is very common in most types of action games. Therefore, if you will easily get used to the operation in the game even if you play for the first time. Therefore, it is suitable for all audiences. Invite your friends to play this game now!

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How To Play Command Strike FPS

  • WASD movement keys
  • Press the C key to squat
  • Press SPACEBAR to make jump
  • Press the G key to use the grenade
  • Use the first aid kit by pressing the HOME button
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to target
  • Change weapons with Wheel scroll
  • Press the Esc button to pause the menu