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City Siege

City Siege

City Siege

City Siege


City Siege will definitely be an addictive game from the first play. In this game, player will have to free the city from the enemy army. Player will have to think and use every maneuver they know to assemble their squad and eliminate the enemy as soon as possible. Destroy the invaders, use the elements of the environment and free the hostages and protect the people of the whole city.

City Siege game requires player to be careful not to be detected by the enemy and also reduce the bad effects on civilians, minimizing the damage of innocent, unrelated people in battles. It will be a game that clearly depicts the atmosphere when the war is extremely tense.

Besides, there are many other fighting games on our website. You can refer to some other games like Heroes of Mangara also have a similar way to play this game. Let to drop by and try it out now!

How To Play

  • Move flexibly with the WASD keys on the keyboard or move the mouse pointer to dodge enemy attacks and overcome barriers.
  • Simultaneously combine keys to increase ability and attack power.
  • Collect loot to upgrade your protective gear and wear headphones to experience the best sound effects. It will help you gain more confidence and play more immersed in the character.

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